Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How now, brown cow?

Losing sleep as a result of my BAGD* research and proposal making...
I understand very well when you say: "Stimuli like, too much information, seeing too many of something, too much noise" that begets "descending feeling of fear, dread or depression"
( Joles © 2006 with too much, too little... p 14 Aug 2006)

I even wonder if that citation was done in an
academically-appropriate manner; like every other quotation
I've scoured and sieved through LKCRL** for.

(Way)Earlier this morning I was dreading the prospect of
facing the penalty my tutor said she'd impose on those who fail to
submit our personal project-PPI's***, coupled with citations and bibliographies.
"...Shall not receive consultation-sessions from me..."

Deciding to take a power-nap, I lay on the couch in my living room.
T'was pitch dark except the view outside the lone open window:
a dense saturated violet/burgundy glowing faintly at the edge of the horizon.

Just as I lull into the void of unconsciousness,
somewhere in my head fires an instinctive warning that
jolts my senses out of slumber.
Swallowing slowly, I could not help but fear the above-said penalty.

Steadying my breath and thoughts,
I shuttle between wakefulness and the darkness a dozen tries
Even the ambient peaceful hush could not put my mind at rest-the wordless warnings
echo like remnant smoke trails that follow after the surprise mental artillery.
After my fatigued mind numbed itself out, a slab of steak dissolves in my sub-conscious.

How now, brown cow?


BAGD*Bachelor of Arts; Graphic Design
LKCRL**Lee Kuo Chuan Reference Library, National Library
PPI***Plan, Purpose & Intention

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