Saturday, September 24, 2005


Anonymous said...

Nano Nano, Nano?
I have a couple of scratches on my new nano and I aint happy either. It perplexes me that Apple didn't ship the protective tubes the same day they did the devices.
Hey, I love your blog it's real great!

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You should come and check it out if you get time :-)


lakeside girl said...

Hey wanna bet that i know whose feet are those?

Heehee... ;p

WR said...

I've heard of palm-reading fortune-telling..
but not feet-face-identification~!
That's quite a fee, er.. feat, I must say ;)

joline said...

And we shall endeavour to walk the straight and narrow road together.

wr said...

*hand in hand; fingers interlocking*
..trusting God to light the way always~

Wandering Froggie said...

Wahlau... mushy laaaaa..

Happy walking!

chelsea5manutd0 said...

oh my goodness!
weirong, I think 1 pair of feet is urs.
the other pair look female to me.

Aristocrat said...

Bro, you should enable your blog's RSS feed you know???

I'm updating my reads through Blogrolling, so your blog kinda got lost without RSS feed hahaaa...

Anyway, congratulations :) Heard it from Kerong.

And I have a lobang for you. My friend needs someone to design an army camp t-shirt (logo with a plane and eagle *airforce) on the back. Will you mind doing it? She said there's renumeration. If you are interested, let me know ok? No obligations man..