Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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I walked along the path leading out of my estate and.. Feeling a strange sense of liveliness, I noticed as well the (almost-forgotten) sweet scent of the cool morning air.
I approached the bend and started to quicken my steps towards the golden horizon beckoning me ahead:

The recently-planted "little fir trees" greeted me as I strode into the sunlight. I think the cheerful feeling inside was that of my heart and lungs secretly smiling.
My mind: "Thank God for this beautiful day!"
My heart: "What are you still strolling about for?"
My legs: "Let's go!!!"
"huff, puff..."
*heavy-breathing trailing off into the distance*

I think I like (waking up, not sleeping way past!) early-mornings again~ (^^)

Gosh, I just realised that there's been an awful lot of happenings (that're not at all awful-happenings) that I've not updated here, since I went off into another dimension to accomplish my advertising-campaign design-project for this semester. Soon after that, I had to go across the causeway to visit my paternal relatives. Came back to SG since 1 week ago, with a slightly improved bio-clock (for wanting to take the wheel safely and not be a liability to my family).

Since then, I've been spending some personal time cleaning/sorting/packing things in my room and some parts of the house. At the same time, whilst deciding not to waste precious free time grumbling about my holiday assignments, I've decided not to look into them until I've enjoyed myself adequately with doing some of the things-i(we)-said-i'd(we'd ;-) do after our respective exams/ assessments.

But anyway, it's good to be back, in the Bloggosphere-where I've heard of many-a-friend establishing their own piece of cyber-real estate too. Hope to link them all soon~! Woohoo!
More to come in these two months~

An extract* from Modern Marketing Bible-S'pore vers* :
During the late 90's, in the company's pre-launch ideation-days, Breadtalk's creators struggled to come-up with an idea for their "signature product". When they could not come up with anything more than luncheon-meat-stuffed buns, they finally decided to turn to God for inspiration. The creative-baking team got down on their knees and prayed fervently for light bulbs to light-up in their minds. During the prayer, the chief-baker (who was an atheist) was skeptical and said under his breath,"If this prayer-thing works, pigs will fly already"

Then from the heavens above, an authoritative voice rumbled,
"Look up! This is how your bun shall look like:"
Fig 1: Pork Floss Sky
Upon raising his head, the chief-baker was immediately filled with the Spirit of creativity and realised how to raise his bread.
The chief-baker and his team gave thanks and started worshipping God when He added on,
"By the way, be careful how; and what, you pray for. That which you were all praying for.. didn't Thomas Edison pray for that 100+ years ago!?"

Under divine inspiration, Breadtalk created their
Pork Floss Buns that became so hot-selling that all the people of the land said, "Pigs are flying(off the shelves) now!!" And so the prayer-prophecy was fufilled. Later, company's directors decided that every employee should be baptised in Faith-raising flour so that everyone would appreciate the Provider of their daily bread too... that however, is another story for another day...

*some spur-of-the-moment nonsense by myself; please read with a pinch of salt.. :p


chelsea5manutd0 said...

that's a nice story! how did they get that graphic tho?

stimes our lives get too busy and our moods too depressed to appreciate the beauty of nature. If I become more observant and optimistic, the trees on the hill towards Mindef can also be refreshing. thanks for that insight!

joline said...

Ooooooo, and there i was prodding you about your assignments when you were suppose to be enjoying yourself. *hand-forehead*

Very pretty picture, and i'd like to read the rest of that extract.

Oh and apart from pigs flying? The moon was really quite blue.

weirong said...

Hi Eugene!
Yes, I always find that the sight of God's wondeful creations in nature are a soothing respite to whatever difficult situations I'm in.. Nice to know u share that insight too :)

Ah, I took that pic from outside my place :D

weirong said...

Glad you like the pic; but the actual scene is just breath-taking! (even if it's just viewed frm along the corridor >.<)

Erm, there's no "rest of that extract" yet.. erm.. myb i shd put a disclaimer or footnote abt my fabrication.. heh heh...

Woo... It must have been a unreal sort of glow to it, from what you descibed abt the moon (" )

joline said...

WHAT?! And here i was thinking... "Sounds like a made-up story leh. But see? Got -extract- some more. Ok lah, may be true."
*growl* I feel so conned now. Rah.

weirong said...

I've added the "disclaimer footnote" liao..

My apologies for having misled everyone >.<

Joline said...

Rah... make bigger...