Wednesday, August 06, 2008

August Rush

My period of waiting is coming to a close.

The applications I sent out have returned with definite outcomes. No more (scheduled for this year) Jedi Masters apprenticeship for the particular discipline I applied for. Also found out from a self-initiated email enquiry to Imaginary Friends Studio that they were currently not hiring any illustrators.

DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore sent me a registration package with a letter of offer for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Production Animation program I enrolled for. I was pleasantly surprised as it took them only two days to process and respond to my application. Wonder if it's because there aren't many applicants for the new school's courses. (DigiPen U.S. has been around for years though) Still, thank God for planting His wisdom into helping me decide on which of my previous artworks to include in the portfolio submitted for the application. Thank God for His favour; that the DigiPen staff have given me very positive feedback and offered me a place so promptly!

I've since submitted my registration package to book my place for the Fall Semester beginning 1st Sept 2008. Meanwhile, a Sketchbook Assignment has been set for those who've been accepted into the Production Animation program. Have one textbook and workbook to read/complete. And also, a new sketchbook to fill up with practice-drawings. Lots of it. (o.O)
Once I go pay up my tuition for the 1st Semester, I'll be commiting the next four years to the BFA. Though I'm in a hurry to complete it, I hope to savour every learning experience this imminent academic journey has to offer.


In other attempts to go the distance, I recently got myself "new" running gear - a pair of shoes and a heart rate monitor(HRM). Both were acquired at discounted prices(+/- 50%-off suggested retail price) as they were bought 2nd hand. Shoes were brand new and only worn once(to test for fit) by the seller who originally bought them online but realised they were too large for him when he actually tried them on. The HRM was in ownership for about 2years but seldom utilised and in decent condition(albeit expired warranty). I had the good fortune of having chanced upon the shoe-deal in an internet forum-posting while KL forwarded me the seller's contact no. for the HRM.

In the process of completing the transactions, I went to meet the sellers in person; on separate occasions, to inspect the products. Got to know a little more about them and received advice on training as we shared our background and sporting-experience too. They were both of amicable disposition and really generous in their pricing! Thank God for this blessing that certainly supports my fitness goals with manageable impact on my finances!

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