Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back On My Feet Again

Been trying to track my nutritional habits since the beginning of the month - Type of food, serving-size, nutritional content & time of consumption. Managed to record the details in my planner diary up till the middle of the month. It was then I decided that I would just adopt(as much as possible) the first two weeks' eatting patterns; and record only those extra-ordinary meals for the rest of the month. Being able to review these meal-time records has helped me control my intake of unhealthy food somewhat. I'm aiming to limit my fried-food intake to one meal a week. More greens, fruits and nuts for phytonutrients, soluble fibre and good-fats to combat bad cholesterol.

Adding on to the 2-pronged-strategy for cholesterol-lowering is my return to running. Long-distance running training that is. I signed up for the 2008 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon(SCSM) on the first day registration opened. Going for the full 42.125km run this time round. Unfortunately, this time I won't have the honour of accompanying Jo. She decided not to do the full marathon to avoid stressing her knees further. (She suffered an inflamation in her knee joint about a month b4 last year's 21km) Also, come August, she'll be having her hands full with her Masters in Counselling at NIE. It might require some effort for us to meet each other; let alone make time to train for long distances together. Still, I guess I'll see her; and some of my Cell-mates whom she's going for 10km with, at the finish-line.

With possibly (the final lap of) studies on the horizon too, this season I'm entering some crucial events in life's race. Must continuously thank God and honour those who gave - of themselves - so I could get back on my feet again.

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