Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Driving on; Sleepless

Something about the last post turned out to be prophetic.
Not that I had intended it to be though.

Well, I had to deliver what I promised before going off for the weekend a day early.
Managed to get a little shut-eye before taking over the wheel from dad too.
Thank God for the smooth traffic and fair weather to-&-fro.


Yesterday, dept. boss mentioned hearing about it; saying that he was sorry I had to work that way just to get my next day off. He said he didn't want me to end up feeling miserable about it all. Today, a colleague asked me,"You worked a 24hr shift last week?" "Saw(from computer-based security records) you tap out-and-in at 12+" "Must be go toilet right?"


More than anything, I feel a tinge of upset that comes from my folks who claim that I'm being too naive in thinking that I'm making a career where I am now. And there's the issue of "completing my education" also; which relatives in M'sia "counselled" me about.

A general/traditional "pursue-paper-qualification-first" mindset versus industry-determined "practical-field-experience-rules" status-quo. Address both by arranging part-time study & work? Would I have enough time & energy I wonder. Otherwise, either one has to be forgone for the next season. Still searching I am.

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