Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thoughts @ 24 (2 Parts)

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Got to get this one down for the record...

Part I (Fri 27 Jul):
To Chiching Brotherhood (aka AHS mates & spouses) :
Thank you all for the thoughtfulness...
Like I said that Friday night, I've known most of you since we were 13.. some even further back! Just being able to see all of us gather together truly is the best birthday present I could have asked for.
(Beats the Breko Cheddar Beef Sandwich hands down! O, and the cake too! Thank you all for it though I really thought you'd consider my request to bend tradition with : candles on a birthday Sandwich!)
Anyway, I forgot to add in my "speech", a special mention of our members who weren't present. I want for us to continue regarding these dear ones as family, whether or not they are still around.

Just as I stated a long, long time ago, "When you get home late and find your parents already asleep, it dosen't mean they love you any lesser(than if they were to be still awake)"; it dosen't mean that those who aren't present have forgotten about us. Not being able to field 11 men in our golden-yellow strip today dosen't mean that Chiching United F.C. dosen't exist anymore.

Realistically, I don't expect relationships in our family to be perfect when our very human condition is imperfect to begin with. But let's first ask ouselves if we have ever cared enough for those (whom we think we've lost) to even want to bring them back into fellowship. Have we been "self-righteously judging and rejecting those who had walked out on home.." ? Just like in Jesus' Parable of the Lost Son, have we adopted the elder brother's begrudging,negative attitude as opposed to the father's rejoiceful outpouring of compassionate love for the younger prodigal son who had finally returned home.

The heart of the matter is a matter of heart. (not "matters of the heart" i.e. romantic-stuff)

I thoroughly enjoyed your company this evening.
Though I may not have as many words to say as I used to in the past, I quietly keep all of you close in my heart. Thank you all once again; for your love and commitment to honour our wonderful friendship!

"Love is patient, love is keeps no record of wrongs. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails" 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Part II (Fri 10 Aug) :
My dear NTU cell threw a surprise-party of sorts for me after Growth session this evening.
While I was busy settling the money-matters for the refreshments and other youth participants were polishing-off the muffins and drinks at the refreshment table, the cell was apparently huddling over one corner of the hospitality area. ( I wondered why they seemed uninterested in the yummy Prima-Deli muffins I had procured! ) After attempting to find a pastor, I exited the Church building into the hospitality area once more and all of a sudden the NTU cell broke into song and claps. Some of the other youth clapped along too. I just smiled while my insides gasped. I was promptly congratulated by the cell and served a square slice of rich dark chocolate cake. Someone said,"Sorry we dunno where we run off to; so we helped you cut the cake first!". So this was why they were not grabbing the muffins. Haha.
Thank you dear NTU cell for the surprise =D
A big "Thank you" to dear Joles who specially ordered this cake for me ^.^
Finally, to other friends by whom I'm honoured to receive your greetings,
Thank you!

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