Sunday, October 08, 2006

Chinkapolean Chweem (part2)

The scene: A small gallery with on-going art exhibition.
The cast: GallerySeater, DJ & Myself + some occassional exhibition viewers

not chronologically accurate; but it doesn't matter here:

G: Whoa, my place there, there's this really cute Eurasian girl who takes the bus every morning also. Sometimes, I take the same bus as her.
D: A.... naughty ah you. Never go and talk to her?
G: Aye, don't dare to lah. What can I say to her?
(some cheesy lines follow) Hahahaa..
D: *chuckles* You say, "(insert less cheesy-sounding line)" lah~ Heh heh..
G: You know, there's this thing about Peranakan girls that makes them so Ooh~!
Those I ever met are all very sweet one.
D: Aye, where to find them nowadays...
G: Hey, you sound like you need a girlfriend eh.
D: yea, (in American-accent)ZhangZiYi would be nice. *sigh*
M: Hey guys,
I noticed some of my friends today are attached to Malaysian-borne girls. What do you think about that?
G: Hmm, think they can appreciate a simpler way of life since they didn't grow u in SG?
D: I dunno.. Maybe not as materialistic as local girls?
M: interesting...


D: Eh, you know nowadays, those kids start using the word "scene".
Can't stand it man. Can't they just call it "community" like everyone else?
G: It's not only that;
they're listening to heavy metal and wear anarchy tee-shirts. See some of these kids in our school too. But don't know why they can't appreciate punk-rock. I mean, it's like as if they wear anti-establishment on their shirts but don't know what it really means. It's just fashion to them. Shallow sia.
D: How come last time we kids not like that one ah?
G: Think last time life was simple.
You know that day, I was walking downstairs front of my block. There was this group of kids cycling in my direction. They said, "Uncle! Siam, siam!" You know, I wasn't angry man.
D: Except for the "Uncle" bit? haha..
G: *smiling/fist over heart* I was thinking, "Hey, I feel you bro! Alright~Keep it up & you'll live longer!" Man, I was happy to see kids on bicycles for once in such a long time. Kids nowadays don't play outdoors like we used to eh?
M: I remember playing soccer with my primary school friends.
G: Yea, last time when there was Malaysia Cup, all the kids were playing soccer right.
D: Ya, play at the void deck, the basketball courts.
G: I think those days Singapore had more identity. People seemed more united and everyone supported the National Team proudly. Every kid wanted to be like Fandi!
D: Aiyah, sad lah, how we kena kick out.
G: Ya lah, it was only a few of them who kelong what. Only Alistair, Abbas what. Why couldn't we carry on with the rest of the team? Think they were too hard on Sundram also.

*all sigh*

(caucasian couple, probably British-descent, enter gallery)
Couple: Excuse me, are you just sitting on the exhibits, or are part of the exhibits?
Us: Er yea, we' re supposed to view and appreciate the other works from this piece.
Couple: (amused) Alright then~ *chuckle*


G: Eh now i staring work already. Cannot like last time, anytime also can go for supper with friends. I remember staying out until 3 or 4 with the guys. Sometimes, even up till 6, then go school from there. Haha.
D: Yea boy, supper shiok sia . Now not so often already. Last time always go supper and I got cycle a lot too; so ok. *looks at midriff* Today, aye...
G: I think cos' all my friends Malay one, so we like to hang out a lot. Got that kampung-spirit you know.
M: I used to have more Malay & Indian friends during primary school. We always played soccer together. Nowadays not really in-touch with them though.
G: Oh yea, I notice now more Chinese like to hang-out late also? How come they follow our bad example? Haha..
*all chuckle*


G: You still playing with your band?
D: Yea, I am. Still making our music and stuff.
You know, I hate how the media says "local music"; as in "support local music"
It's like some stigma like that. Why can't they just call ours' "music". Just that.
It's music also what! Just let people hear us and let them think what they want.
G: aye, they trying to encourage people to support local productions. but yea, maybe they shouldn't call it "local music" cos' some Singaporeans when they hear "local", they may think it's not as good as some Western group.
D: Yea, what for compare? Singapore-made music is still music what.
G: Well, it's the same thing in Art/Design-scene what. We don't get as recognised as maybe some Ang Moh's work.

M: My art teacher told me before that he feels Singapore's education system is too focused on math and science. I think today's kids have a bit more choices.
D: Yea, at least the government start recognising something.
G: But actually, that was good strategy you know. When Singapore first got kicked out from M'sia, LKY then didn't have much choice but to develop our security and economy first. So since then, we all till today have to do N.S. to defend ourselves. And also, our schools have to teach what will be good for business.
M: Right *sigh*


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