Sunday, February 12, 2006

Drawing the 38th Parallel

It was a thorough and long discussion on things that had dawned upon us.
These new insights on matters-of-the-heart have proved to be compelling and challenging to our otherwise "ordinary(but still religious)" conceptions on the topic.

Perhaps there is Godly counsel yet to be sought; that step which we unwittingly jumped, proceeding to trust solely our 1st impressions, reflections and emotions. However innocently we had convened on the issue then, we must live with the ramifications of our actions.

I pray for God's presence to be with us as we offer-up our union for His sake.
Should He allow us to continue, then brighter, our Light must shine.
Yet if He bid us apart, then it shall be done amicably.

Grant Your children wisdom I pray.
In You we trust.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure He is pleased at your desire to put Him first. It's not easy, but trust in His perfect will for you and your loved ones.

Pope @ David said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I pray I will be sensitive towards His calling and directions. God bless!