Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Forgiveness and letting go

Once, I fell into darkness; but your shining-light picked me up.
When I withheld the facts, your frankness left no stone untouched.

Then, I confessed the truth & you bore my guilt with disdain.
To be truly commited was to come to terms & bear some pain.

Like what He did so long ago, we believe and are changed
I had faith, that you would come to accept things from my past some day

Now I know: He took away my shame
so that we would do the same


It was really bad-timing.
She was having her exams really soon and
I was into my final month of project-refining and assessment.
Then again, there was never going to be a good time to hear the things I said.
It wasn't the sort of thing I'd normally tell anyone.. let alone someone so dear...

After doing so,
I prayed for God's mercy and healing to be unto her..
for I could only bank on Him to help ease the pain..
Where trust was shaken,
I prayed that my true intentions would surface amidst
the initial ugly truth...
And I prayed against the cruel irony of this "truth" "betraying" her..

Though I knew we both didn't get enough sleep, I had to see how she was doing.
So, that Sunday morning became the first meal we had together at her home.
Had some time to chat with her folks too. Really nice.
Unfortunately, I couldn't put myself
totally at ease knowing that the cold hard facts were probably still tormenting her soul;
beneath her calm, quiet mood.

And after several days of emotional-cliffhanging, we got together to work-out the issue at hand. I'm sure it took a lot of emotional strength and faith for her. She told me she finally understood what it meant to forgive someone; attributed her "healing" to how we ought to show Christ-like love to one another, on account of His name. Reasoning also that she did not want to be a "stumbling block" in my still-early Christian walk almost brought me to tears.
It felt like I was delivered again.

We prayed for "us" and I had a sense that God had heard my prayers.

Thank God it become another milestone in our new life together.
I shall remember how His grace was ministered to me through my Love.


chelsea5manutd0 said...

wow...weirong, as i said, ur faith is really growing by leaps & bounds...within 2 months of ur salvation, u're actively serving for the musical. i saw the musical this morning...really like the props and the costumes...can see ur handiwork in them. i dunno the details that happened in this case...dun think i need to know...but i'm glad u were able to work the issues out.

Pope @ David said...

Hey bro, glad you enjoyed the show!
Ah, i contributed merely time and hands mostly.. The design was done by another church member whom I've, through the course of the production-process, learnt lots on theatre related design and craft XD
I think the experience gained is quite a reward in itself already heh..
Thanks for your (positive:) feedback too :)

chelsea5manutd0 said...

just curious: why do u use the nick pope?

Pope @ David said...

to Eugene:
ah, "Pope" is a nick my sec sch buddies gave me.. and i wasn't even religious then! hee.. Though I declined it b4(bcs of not being able to live up to the "holiness" attached to the title), I've grown to accept it for the years of brotherhood that's attached to it :D